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League’s goal is to transform the way companies offer healthcare and insurance to their employees. They’ve been working with Crowdlinker for many years, and Jbox Creative has been a part of their journey into making the best possible online offering for their clients.

The website is filled to the brim with visually impactful components, each crafted with care and the flexibility to achieve a wide range of business goals. Behind the scenes lies powerful marketing tools that give League insight into exactly how their site is being interacted with and whether goals are being achieved. The end result is a powerful web platform that delivers the results League needs to convert and expand.

Working with Josh at Crowdlinker has been a great pleasure. He is very knowledgeable, a great problem solver, and communicates complex topics well so that even someone with a basic understanding of development feels in-the-loop. Apart from his development skills, he’s a just an all-around great person to chat with at the water cooler.
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