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Quantum computing is a fast-growing field, one where practical offerings are few and far between but theory abounds. Agnostiq.ai aims to deliver quantum computing at a B2B level, providing consumers with the benefits and theory that will help elevate their offerings to the next level.

Jbox Creative worked with Crowdlinker to develop a new website for Agnostiq.ai, showcasing their incredible software and helping to communicate highly technical concepts to their audience. Among many other features, the site utilizes automatic code syntax highlighting for Python, further demonstrating to users how they can implement the software at a practical level.

Working with Josh at Crowdlinker has been a great pleasure. He is very knowledgeable, a great problem solver, and communicates complex topics well so that even someone with a basic understanding of development feels in-the-loop. Apart from his development skills, he’s a just an all-around great person to chat with at the water cooler.