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Influitive is an incredible start-up based in Toronto, Canada that aims to turn customers of companies into advocates, spreading the good word about their offerings. Jbox Creative first started working with Influitive in 2019 and has been providing web development support ever since. We’ve helped their team add a complex, custom Megamenu, upgrade their Resources and Podcast offerings, and upgrade security among many other things. The Influitive team relies on Jbox not only to support them at the website level, but also from a DevOps and technical consulting level. We’ve worked with them to integrate and upgrade almost every aspect of their online presence, and support their tertiary development teams in their projects as well.

Recently Influitive has acquired PostBeyond, and continues to grow their audience to become one of the forefront leaders in the market advocacy field.

There’s nothing we’ve asked Josh to take on that he hasn’t knocked out of the park! Whether it’s fun projects like building a new custom mega menu from scratch, or, less glamorous requests like helping us troubleshoot site speed issues… Josh always has the answer/solution/outcome we’re looking for. Josh is very thorough and communicates clearly. This is especially helpful for technical and creative projects. We have lots of trust in Josh and have enjoyed working together for 2+ years. For any companies big or small looking for a web designer/developer for hourly contract work, we here at Influitive couldn’t recommend Josh any more!
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