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The Digital Grocer is a podcast run by the Mercatus management team, putting out regular episodes and articles focusing on technology in the grocery technology space. Originally hosted on the main mercatus.com website, it eventually grew large enough to warrant it’s own platform – and so Mercatus reached out to Jbox Creative to create one for them.

The site is extremely light-weight, utilizing several clever PageSpeed-boosting techniques to deliver content lightning-fast for viewers. It features bold, large design elements while still prioritizing user experience, allowing users to find relevant content quickly and be prompted with further watching once they’ve accomplished their original goal.

Hire them. It seems like a bold statement, but after years of working with Josh and jBox Creative, you won’t regret it. I really appreciate the level of expertise that Josh brings to the table. Josh has made navigating everything from regular website maintenance to a complete new build manageable for me and my team.